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Process of studying in korea

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  • Counseling is available through various channels such as social media, online inquiries, telephone consultations, video meetings, and email.

  • We assess customer information and requests to determine feasibility, providing guidance on the process.

  • Assisting with fundamental consultations regarding admission, accommodation, visa, and Korean language programs.

Easy chat to us with messaging App

  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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School planning

  • Your personal consulting advisor teacher will get in touch.

  • We'll help you pick the best schools and programs based on what suits you.

  • We'll go over your preferences for things like start dates, program lengths, and tuition.

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Online Application and Application Fee

  • If you decide to go for it, we'll help you apply online.

  • Pay the school application fee, plus a processing fee for our help. 

  • A full refund is guaranteed if admission is not obtained or if dissatisfaction arises due to issues on HeyKorea's end

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Document Prep

  • Fill out your profile on HeyKorea.

  • We'll give you pointers for basic document prep.

Document Packaging

  • We'll get all your papers organized.

  • Providing official recommendation letters.

  • Compiling personal statements and other required materials.

  • It may also include formatting, proofreading, and ensuring that all required documents are present and meet the specified requirements of the application process.

Interview Guidance for School/Embassy

  • Offering insight into interview questions and assisting in preparing thoughtful, relevant responses.

Admission Acquisition and Tuition Payment

  • Upon successful admission, receiving notice and transferring tuition to the school's account.

  • Processing fee will be fully refunded if you do not successfully acquire admission.

Visa Prep

  • Once you've got your school admission, we'll help you prep for your visa through the local embassy.

  • We'll sort out the visa paperwork.

Housing/Dormitory Application

  • Apply for on-campus housing.

  • If needed, we'll help set up off-campus housing, but keep in mind there might be extra costs depending on the place.

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